recycle cycles

Hamilton's first and only all volunteer-run, community-based non-profit bicycle repair workshop
  • Location - 19 Pearl Street North, Hamilton, Ontario (basement of Erskine Presbyterian Church - enter off Morden Street)
  • Hours -
  • Open to the public - Saturday's 9am to 12 noon; Volunteer shop hours Tuesday's 6-9 pm
  • Recycle Cycles Goals: to prevent unused bikes from being discarded/to promote cycling as a non-polluting transportation option/to make bicycles and bicycling accessible/to empower individuals with bicycle maintenance skills/to promote bicycle safety
  • What do we do? RC accepts community donations of bikes and bike parts/provide fixed bikes in exchange for a donation/operate a workshop where we provide advice and tools for bike repair, in exchange for sweat equity or a donation/organize special events to promote cycling in the Hamilton Community/donate bikes to humanitarian causes

Contact - 905-577-7753.
Since 1998! Recycle Cycles is associated with the Ontario Public Interest Research Group - OPIRG- McMaster